Fiftypeopleonequestion and the Italian answer

Some months ago I got surprised from the echo effect that had the project, but are some days that I’m watching and watching the videos of a even more creative project. It is called, and it is a simple but great idea! (like always -.-) It moves creativity and somehow it is full of feelings! The film editing is just amazing and the soundtracks are always a good choice. Since I saw this morning the newest one on its Vimeo channel I couldn’t wait anymore to post it on the blog. So here is in Brooklyn, enjoy it!

On the Vimeo channel you can also watch the first two chapters in New Orleans and New York. The next days is coming out a new one in London.

I would like even to advertise the Italian version of this idea. The video was shot in Rome by Luca Sartoni and Simone Brunozzi. A good job!


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