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in autumn things are starting to move slowly, everything around is preparing itself for the next season, the hardest one of the year. what makes me crazy during these days is the light.


24 november

img684 img682


35mm kodak 200 iso / Pentax K1000 / Pentax smc 50mm

here the days are lately too short and it is really difficult to take photos around. i try althought to stay active and i am organizing a little project that i hope is going to become reality. you will see on these pages.

this is the last roll i got from the lab, i have some gold autumn images to share.

i got finally the book of brian ferry “quality of life” and i appreciated a lot to have on paper finally the photos that gave me so many inspirations.

Ultimi scatti estivi

Mentre fuori ormai tutto è imbiancato dalla neve, io sono ancora indaffarato con le ultime foto estive…Questo a dimostrazione del fatto che novembre non è stato in alcun modo creativo.

Spero tanto che a dicembre l’emisfero destro, sconvolto dall’arrivo dell’inverno, inizi a dare dei segni di ripresa.

Outside it is all white, but I’m still working on the last summer roll… I hope December is going to be a better month.