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where i love to spend time in summer


the biergarten is the best place to spend time in summer with friends and family chatting, eating good bavarian food and of course drinking super bavarian beer. these pictures are from the Oberschönenfeld Abbey.

i ordered the book of brian and i’m looking for to enjoy his work on paper.


summer in bw



as said i’m posting again bw photos from my last bw roll. these are from summer:

  • no.1 beautiful stone pine forest in san rossore natural park where pensioners are spending long summer afternoons chilled by the wind coming from the seaside and enjoying meals together;
  • no.2 the bread i used to eat when i was living with my family (great taste);
  • no.3 some of our first tomatoes that this summer where growing on our balcony.

 on tuesday here is holiday and finally i’ll get a bank holiday. i’m happy i’ll spend time with my daughter and hope to get new ideas.


wednesday bw


i have already scanned from some weeks a b/w film (Kodak BW400CN) but this month was incredibly full of things to do.  every week-end was already planned and i couldn’t have any relax. this week is finally slowing down.

it wasn’t so negative like it sounds, after all i did a short racing bike trip of 200km to south tyrol (italy) and i was in london after looong time.

now it’s time to calm down and reorganize all the chaos that is around, listen some good music and dig in to the last scanned negatives. next days are coming more b/w photos out.