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london #2

here is the second and last little group of my too short trip to london. i don’t know why but the film got scrachted…

i’m addicted to the ocean pictures from dear leila!

i discovered this good story of a group of friend who decided last summer to ride the bike from birmingham to berlin in order to raise money for the cancer research.



london skyline
chessboard steps
want a nike?
london fence

a first part of a very little group of photos i took in london (october 2011). i was there to work so unfortunately i didn’t have enough time to explore. i really enjoyed every minute of free time. hope to go back there soon…

i got the last number of Der Greif magazine and i appreciated a lot. i’m positively surprised by this magazine produced in my german city augsburg.

have a good week-end


After a week of trubles, the lab found the film i gave them to develop. i already thought it was gone, i hope at least that there are some good pics inside. yesterday i got the good news i have to be in london from the 6th until the 9th of october, i hope that i’ll find some time beside the work to visit something interesting (i appreciate a lot the new FAQ page from bferry with good tips about london).