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friday b/w

i’m closing this week with some b/w photos from an ilford h5+ roll, i don’t shoot a lot b/w films, i shold do more practice. here are the last pictures of the winter overe here. it was short, but very intense.. now the temperature are rising again ant the air smell different. spring is coming.

posting this article with the music of the last mix from brian.

have a very good week-end. hope to hear from you something.


4 febbraio

Spero tanto che queste siano le ultime foto con neve per questa stagione anche se ci credo poco. Questo fine settimana dovrebbe splendere il sole e le temperature potrebbero raggiungere addirittura i 10°C.
Auguro un buon fine settimana invitandovi a sgranare gli occhi davanti a questo video spettacolare!

I hope these are the last photos with snow for this season, this week end should be sunny ;).
I wish you a good time and I invite you to watch this great video.

A lot of snow

Ancora foto in bianco e nero di un fine settimana trascorso ai piedi delle Alpi. La campagna bavarese è sempre uno spettacolo!

Oggi piove e tutto cambia.

Some more B&W pictures from last week-end spent on the snow by the Alps. The bavarian landscape is so beautiful and so different in the 4 seasons.

Today is raining and everything is going to change again.